Another Simon Tidbit

I’ve been paging through Jim Wasserman’s In the Center of the Fire: A Memoir of the Occult, 1966-1989, which covers twenty years of his occult exploration, much of it in the NYC occult community.   As such, it’s a niche work – if you’re interested in the scene that surrounded the Simon Necronomicon‘s creation or in the history of the modern OTO, it might be of interest to you.

When it comes to the Necronomicon, there’s not much new here.  We do get a nice picture of Simon, no mentions of Levenda, and one brief anecdote worth mentioning.  I’ll string together the relevant points:

The morning of the Spring Equinox ritual of 1981, I got a disturbing call from Alan Cabal at the Temple… Alan returned alone to Brooklyn to find five bleeding rooster heads nailed to the door in the shape of a pentagram… We had no clue at the time who had done this thing…  Years later, we were presented with reliable evidence that Simon had encouraged dissident Lodge members – of whom more will be said – to do it as an act of magical theater.

When reading this, I immediately thought of two quotes by great men – “Where’s that get fun?” and “Can’t he just show him a pie chart or something?

In conclusion, everyone, just remember this:  if you find yourself about to nail dead animals to someone’s door to make a political statement, maybe you should go home, lay off the recreational substances, and think about it for a while.

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  1. : Yes, I’d like five chicken heads please.
    : $2.50
    : For chicken heads?
    : Fifty cents for the heads. A dollar for not asking any questions. Another dollar for not calling the cops.

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