Just Released, My New Book – Experimentum Potens Magna in Occult Philosophy

I’ve kept this one close to my chest, but it’s time to announce the release of a new Hockley manuscript, with my introduction and commentary, from Caduceus Books.  The Experimentum appears at the end of the University College of London’s edition of the Hockley Clavis, as a short and lavishly illustrated collection of charms and rituals for various ends.  Now, for the first time, it appears in print.

This book has been released as a 100-copy limited edition, so if you’re interested, get it now rather than later.


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  1. Nice, I can’t wait to get my copy, briefly flip through the contents, then resell for serious bank! Because that is what these collector editions are all about.

  2. Will there be a non-limited edition later? This one is beautifully done, though…

    • Much, much further down the road, perhaps.

  3. […] different side of Hockley’s spiritual practice.  Whereas works such as Occult Spells and the Experimentum are compilations of material taken from other sources, as are most magical manuscripts, this book […]

  4. Very attractive book. I can’t speak to the authenticity (or efficacy) of the text, but this is a handsome production.

  5. This is a beautiful edition! Thanks for the care you’ve taken in its production. This book gave me a totally different view of Fred Hockley.

    As you mention in your introduction, it’s not always easy to know his sources. May I ask you about his use of the unicursal hexagram on page 31, right after the license to discharge spirits in the Oberion working? Do you have any idea what text he was copying that from?

    The first known use of a unicursal hexagram (I think) is Giordano Bruno, but I’m not sure how this idea gets from Bruno to Hockley.



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