Just Released – Hockley’s Clavis Arcana Magica

Weiser Antiquarian has just released its latest work by scryer Frederick Hockley:

Clavis Arcana Magica is an unusual text for Hockley in that it is concerned with what might be considered “black magic.” As Alan Thorogood describes in his Introduction, it gives instruction for the performance of a number of magical workings, the details of which were said to have been obtained for Hockley via his seer Emma, during a series of scrying operations undertaken between 1853 and 1856. The workings are preceded by instructions including the form of the “call to the crystal,” the exorcism and the discharge. The first working outlines a method to call the spirits of five material substances or organisms for the purpose of receiving cognate visions, the second is a variety of praestigia for the revivification of animal as well as plant species, the third outlines the construction of a talisman which permits the operator to enter the “spirit state” while asleep, and the fourth is necromantic ritual said to be “of marvellous power and force.”

The fact that this book has an introduction by Alan Thorogood is troubling.  Alan knows much, much more about these topics than any human has a right to, and he may raise the standards of occult publishing to an unacceptably high level.

At any rate, I should be on the review list, and I’ll let you know when it comes out.  Their website mentions that they can send two books for the same cost of postage as one, so consider this an opportunity to pick up one of their other Hockley works if you haven’t already.

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  1. Interesting to see the reference to ‘praestigia,’ a connection between stage magic and occultism.

  2. Reblogged this on Lifestyle Magick.

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