Two Notes on Two Icelandic Books of Magic

I received a couple notes on my review of Two Icelandic Books of Magic that I thought would be of interest to readers.

First, Faoladh lets us know that those who want the Icelandic sorcery manual Galdrabok should buy it from Runa Raven as soon as possible, as they’re closing on the 20th of the month.  For what it’s worth, the Galdrabok is a grimoire that is unlike most of those published in English, so it’s a good addition to a collection of such works.

Second, Ralf points us to this archive of svarteboka manuscripts, which can be downloaded in PDF.   They are untranslated, so most readers, including me, will be unable to read them.  Most readers, including me, will download them anyway.

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  1. […] about $35, and it actually arrived here more quickly than a FedEx package from the UK.  Ever since Stephen Flowers’ Galdrabok went out of print and saw its price jump astronomically, the Museum has been the only source for Icelandic […]

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