Halloween Update

Happy Halloween / Samhain to all of you!

I’ve been quiet here, but there’s quite a bit going on.

Sandy was mostly bluster up at this end, so I had an evening of candlelight and reading and little else.

I’ve been rethinking some aspects of my life, which is a good thing to do.  I’ve started to work on some personal projects that I’ve wanted to do for some time, like learning Latin and working out more.  When combined with work and writing, that takes up much of the time I’ve used to blog in the past.

I’m also trying to work more on fiction, whether that’s gaming projects or straight fiction.  I have at least three pieces that have been accepted, and I’m working on a couple others.  I’m also reading more fiction, especially what’s outside my comfort zone of horror.  I’ve spent the last week soaking up Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye.  I enjoy Chandler’s style, though it is clear he’s making it up as he goes.  I started Neil Gaiman’s American Gods as well, but while good, it didn’t really take off for me within the chapters I read.

I’m running a semi-regular Call of Cthulhu game on Saturdays via Skype.  In the last session, the group incurred the wrath of Keziah Mason AND allowed the Dunwich Horror to be summoned.  I’m not sure how long this particular campaign will last…

Yiggie is good.

I have an announcement of a personal nature to make over the next couple days, so watch here.

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  1. Yes! Soon you will learn to hate Cicero and root for Catiline as I did in high school!

    Your fictioneering puts me to shame, sir.

  2. Cicero was bliss compared to Ovid and his damnable lists of trees.

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