Upcoming Grimoire Conference – Austin, Texas, April 5-6, 2013

A great new announcement for those interested in studying grimoires:

Text, Context, and Non-Text:  Grimoires in Central Europe

 April 5th and 6th 2013

The University of Texas at Austin

Conference sponsored by the Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies, the Texas Chair for Czech Studies, and the Departments of History, Germanic Studies, and Religious Studies

This conference is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of a large corpus of magic texts that figure prominently in the cultural and intellectual history of Europe. Its focus will be grimoires, real or imagined, whose legacy has reverberated throughout European culture in the form of folktales, literature (Faust, for example), and graphic art down to the present, at times being among the few treasured possessions brought to the New World.

This is quite exciting, as it’s the first academic conference of the sort in the United States (and possibly in Europe, though I’m probably wrong about that).  The geographic range is a bit wider than what the title might imply, so I’ve had a talk on the Folger Manuscript accepted.

If you’re a scholar, affiliated or independent, and you want to submit a paper, click on the link above.  Abstracts are due January 15.

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