Now on Kickstarter: Island of Ignorance for Call of Cthulhu

I have a piece in a Kickstarter for a new book from the latest Call of Cthulhu licensee, Island of Ignorance.   It’ll have three new scenarios (plus a fourth one on which some backers will vote for the content), pre-generated investigators for those mid-session replacements, character generation for Great War vets, and all sorts of other useful stuff for Call of Cthulhu players.

My own piece took about two minutes of thought to come up with, the space between the thoughts, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if we had a group of Cthulhu cultists?” and “Wouldn’t it be great if they were rumrunners?”  The research and the writing took much more time, but it was fun.  The dirty secret of Call of Cthulhu is that it has very few cults that actually focus upon Cthulhu, and I hope this will be an enjoyable addition to a game that will kill a lot of people horribly.

So, go to the Kickstarter.  You can get the book in PDF, or in print.   You can be immortalized as one of the pre-generated investigators, or even get your own limited edition Golden Goblin (the mascot of the publisher that released von Junzt’s Nameless Cults).  We’re already at 72% funding after 5 days, so get on board!

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  1. […] /* */ /* */ Now on Kickstarter: Island of Ignorance for Call of Cthulhu […]

  2. The use of cryptography by rumrunners may be some interesting background to incorporate:

  3. re, walsh brothers. is this about danny walsh and his brothers.

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