New Abramelin Release, and a Word to Publishers

Troy Books of London is continuing with their plan to publish twelve grimoires.  Their latest offering is The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, another attractive hardcover that includes one of the classic (in terms of modern ceremonial magic, anyway) texts on ceremonial magic.

I don’t see myself picking this one up, and that brings me to an announcement of sorts to publishers:  it’s important that a grimoire not only look attractive, but also include some new content.   Publication of new texts is always appreciated, but even a reflective essay on some aspect of the book for practitioners could bring in customers who otherwise would just pick up the Dover edition for eleven bucks.  It’s something to consider.

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  2. The site is more concerned with describing the binding than the content. When a book description leads off with details on the binding, I will assume its one to be skipped.

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