Scarlet Imprint – The Testament of Cyprian the Mage

Scarlet Imprint is preparing to open pre-orders for Jake Stratton-Kent’s The Testament of Cyprian the Mage.  The two-volume work constitutes the third entry in the Encyclopedia Goetica series, providing a practitioner’s insight into the grimoire tradition.   A quick description follows:

The book tackles two of the critical strands of the Grimoire tradition, the Iberian Cyprian books and the Testament of Solomon, the foundation text of the Solomonic grimoire tradition. Stratton-Kent elucidates their context, meaning and critically how they can be integrated into a modern magical approach. Crucial to this is the identity of the Four Kings and the role of the Decans.

My reading of this is that the author will be seeking to integrate more Middle Eastern material, a concern I raised in my review of Geosophia a while ago.  (Further discussion can be found here.)   It’s not clear on whether there will be a translation on one of the Cyprian books included, so I’ll see what else I can find.

If it does intrigue you, however, I’d recommend going to the Scarlet Imprint website and signing up for their mailing list.

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  2. You might find this of interest. There is a copy of a Spanish magic book attributed to Cyprian from the University of Toronto titled Libro de San Cipriano, circa 1900 published in Mexico, posted at It’s pretty lurid, you’ll find some familiar elements scattered throughout.

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