A Happy 2014 Update

It’s really cold up here, so some shovelling of snow is in order.  Apparently someone liberated my snow shovel in the past few days, so I went out to get one of those orange colossal ones that can cut through a mountain.

  • The notes for the Book of Oberon have returned, so the team is working our way through them.   For my part, I’m tackling the introduction, which was written in a much more technical style near the beginning of the project and now needs to be more friendly as well as rigorous.  (I don’t think we often have to choose between the two, although how is sometimes difficult to determine.)
  • The Boston book goes along very slowly.  I’ve got some more sources to consult, once I brave the cold once more.
  • I’ve been working with Steven Kaye on two more articles on the worship of various Mythos entities.  Some of you may remember the one on “The Worship of Tsathoggua through the Ages” in Worlds of Cthulhu.  These will be hitting some more prominent gods/aliens/monsters/folks.
  • Delta Green game:  Agents were sent to Alaska as Secret Service, and ended up hunting (and being hunted by) hairy hominids out in the middle of the wilderness.   Now one of them has a hominid head in his freezer, and another has a tracking device once implanted into these creatures.  I’m still working on the next game.
  • Yig is fine.  Some people want me to blog more about Yig, but really, she’s a snake.  She crawls around her cage and sticks her head out of her caves to look for food, which she is rather unsuccessful at obtaining.  I know it’s a matter of heat, but sometimes I look at this snake dropping her food into the water dish (which takes some effort, given that it has two-inch sides) and wonder how this species survived for millions of years.

I hope wherever you are is warmer than here.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I’m really really looking forward to the Oberon book! Since we’re on the topic of updates, have you heard anything more about the Clavis Journal’s Book of Soyga?

  2. Yig needs her own Twitter feed.

  3. Dear Dan,

    Hope you are well. Just wanted to make sure that you saw this brief article on the Oberon manuscript:


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