Just Released (?) – The Book of Saint Cyprian

It’s always tricky announcing releases before they come out, but if I’ve timed this blog post right, you’ll be seeing it on the day that The Book of Saint Cyprian appears from Hadean Press.  Jake Stratton-Kent has the following to say about the book, another example of the occult texts attributed to Cyprian:

So what if anything does this book have to offer that is so different? Well for one thing it is a magnificent compendium of
Iberian folk magic; containing a wealth of authentic ‘Cyprianic’ lore from this important and under appreciated part of the ‘Western tradition’. This covers a great many otherwise unavailable source works; ably translated into English, mostly for the first time.

The commentary follows these source texts, and is utterly invaluable. The material is put in context, and in many cases enlarged upon in a way most useful to magicians and interested readers alike.

Given transatlantic postage rates, I’ve put off ordering from Hadean for a while, but I think it’s time that I put in a request for this work, the second Conjure Codex, and a few other pamphlets.

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