Now Available – An Anonymous Book of Magic, by Caduceus Books

Over the weekend, I received a notice that Caduceus Books was soliciting orders for the latest work in the Society of Esoteric Endeavour line.  What we will find is an anonymous work transcribed by Herbert Irwin, son of 19th century occultist F. G. Irwin, purporting to be a manuscript of the magic of the mysterious order of the Fratres Lucis.  It also includes sections on scrying, the creation of talismans, the virtues of herbs, the invocation of planetary spirits, and the like.

Caduceus has produced a lavish edition of the text.  Not only do you receive a transcript with notes, but also a full-color reproduction, with a custom black magic mirror bound into the back, and a folder of gold-blocked talismans on vellum.   If you’d like to get a look, I’d suggest checking here.

The book is only available to be ordered by midnight, November 9 GMT, so you don’t have much time to make up your mind.  Given that I hope to be working with Caduceus on future books, so it’s in my best interest to promote them, not to mention that I’d do it anyway due to the excellence of the text.

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  1. I like what S.E.E. publishes and have a few of their books, but most of them have been so ridiculously priced that I just can’t bring myself to buy them anymore. I’m just sick of the strange occult elitism that has popped up with a few occult book publishers over the last few years. It’s a poor business model and has mostly failed, with publishers either going under or conforming and printing cheaper and more accessible editions. But for some reason, S.E.E. seems committed to sticking with it. To each their own.

    Yes, I know, the books are pretty and I’m not criticizing their quality. I just don’t want to pay $500 for something I probably won’t read because I don’t want to risk diminishing it’s value (even slightly). I don’t like to view books in this light, but I’m forced to when prices are this high. I prefer to buy books to read them and content is about 99% of why I buy them, I’ll give presentation the last 1%. When did content become secondary to presentation. Did the purse industry take over the occult publishing world?

    Please know that I mean no disrespect, but when people talk about S.E.E. I’ve begun to just scroll past this information with general disinterest. I probably won’t read it at those prices, so it’s mostly irrelevant. I also don’t see what’s so exciting about exerting the effort to write, compile, translate, etc if only 100 people have a chance to read it after it’s published.

    • Agreed. Who wants books that can only be handled while wearing cotton gloves? Boring.

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