I Have a Problem

So, with the new year, it’s time to admit I have a problem.

I might be addicted to Cornish folklore.

Part of my mother’s side of the family comes from Cornwall, and I’ve made two trips there over the years tooling about West Penwith and seeing the sights.  Over the past month, though, I’ve been compelled to look into it further, starting with the standard works on the area’s folklore and moving on to more obscure journal articles and local publications.

At this point, I’ve got a growing library of small-press publications, and a map with over four hundred separate locations with detailed notes on the legends connected with each.  So I have to figure out what to do with it.

The idea is not to publish scholarly articles, or even Mythos fiction or gaming material.  I do feel myself in need of a creative outlet, alongside the factual publications on magic.  Most likely it would fall into the present market for folk horror (see the original Wicker Man for the most obvious model, but I’d add such movies as Kill List, Wake Wood, and Curse of the Blair Witch, as well as some of the psychogeographic work of Phil Legard and others).  I’m not quite sure as to the format or the venues yet, but I’ll see if I can’t figure out something to do with it.

I suppose the other option is that I’ll get tired of it and never mention it again.  We’ll see.  Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Have you considered creating a website, with a map and linked entries? Probably a reasonable market in the UK for a comprehensive guide as well.

  2. “the psychogeographic work of Phil Legard” > I’m very interested in psychogeography but I only know the style of Iain Sinclair, Nick Papadimitriou etc. > could you please elaborate and give me some pointers; I have difficulty finding more on the Internet?

  3. How about a screenplay for a Nicholas Cage movie? A Cornish miner with an American accent discovers an ancient Celtic horror deep in the mines. He attempts to escape by expertly piloting various vehicles at high speed, pausing only to reflect on relevant Cornish folklore for each site he passes. He is cornered, and discovers that he himself is the true horror when his head bursts into flame and turns into a skull.

    Or maybe just stick with the map…

  4. […] sure some of you might have doubted my Cornish folklore addiction, but I can assure you it is both a rare and serious condition.  Now that Oberon is off to the […]

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