Review -Ars Notoria Sive Flores Aurei

Last year, we discussed the new edition of the Teitan Press edition of the Ars Notoria, an English translation of the classic work of medieval ritual magic.  One of the aspects of these, as well as many other published editions, is the lack of the original illustrations.  Given that meditation on these symbols were a key part of the Ars Notoria process to master knowledge, this omits an important aspect of all these manuscripts.

If you’re interested in seeing a book that displays such images, you might be interested in Palatino Press’ edition of the Ars Notoria.  This is a full-color facsimile of a short thirteen-century manuscript kept at the Beinecke Library at Yale, Mellon MS. 1.  It bears noting that all of these scans are available on the Beinecke’s website, in case you simply want to view the images.

It also bears mentioning that the book contains no translation of the Latin text, or more than half a page of notes on the text.  Nonetheless, the Palatino Press edition is available for only ten dollars, which makes the book quite affordable.  It’s hardly an indispensable addition to a grimoire collection, but I was satisfied with the purchase even given all of the above.

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  1. I understand that the Notary Arts, due to it overlapping with mysticism, had a better class of readers, &, hence, production values?

  2. […] don’t include the all-important illustrations for meditation and prayer.  You might check the Palatino edition for those, and I hope you’ll get this in time for your quadrivium […]

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