Cyprian and Faust – New Books

I’ve been working a great deal on my next project, so most of my energy has gone into that rather than blogging.  We have two new books – one released, one upcoming – which should be of interest to Papers readers.

The first is a new release from Rubedo Press, Cypriana: Old World, which is devoted to the magician-turned-saint whose devotion has seen a revival among many magical practitioners recently.  We have articles by Al Cummins, Jesse Hathaway, José Leitão, and others dealing with Cyprian, stretching from Antioch to Iberia to Scandinavia.  (Full disclosure: I was invited to contribute, but I couldn’t get something ready in time.  I’m very much enjoying what I’ve read so far, though.)

The second is an Indiegogo campaign for A Compendium of Unnatural Black Magic, new translations of six books from the Faustian tradition from Enodia Press, released in hardback.  The project has already funded, so you should be good to go if you’d like to order it.

That’s all for now!

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  1. hi, i don’t know whether i did my research totaly wrong , but are you the same daniel harms, who published that piece on Inconnu? i could be an idiot, but i’ve been looking for him and don’t know where to find him, all my searh efforts brings me to you, it’s rather important, for me anyhow, if it’s not you i’m so sorry for bothering you, but i have to try.

    • Yes, that’s me. Please send an email to me using the address on the “About” page.

      • wow, thats amazing thanks for coming back to me, however, there is no email adress

      • sorry to bother you so early, but i cannot find your email anywhere, believe me i tried. i hope you don’t mind me pestering you here. i’m writing a book or trying to, it’s called inconnu and thats why i wanted to talk to you, i have to get my facts straight and so far your the only person i’ve come across who bothered with the inconnu.

      • hi, i think this is the only place to reach you, it’s not ideal, i know but i still can’t get hold of you, this book is very important to me and i don’t want to use information without discussing it with you first

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