Upcoming Releases on Faustian Magic, the Three Magi

Two brief notices on books worth watching for, and that are highly unlikely to show up in your local bookstore.

Enodia Press has announced the imminent release of its latest collection of ritual magic texts attributed to the infamous Faust.   Dr. Faust’s Greatest and Most Powerful Sea-Spirit is a compilation of three infamous works of magic that have been previously unpublished, along with a work from an unpublished manuscript. It takes a little more effort to order books from Enodia, but it has been consistently worth it for both their presentation and their unmatched contents.

Revelore is releasing a new book by Dr. Al Cummins: an exploration of the folklore, prayers, and spells that elaborate on the story of the Three Magi. A Book of the Magi promises to be excellent, and I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. The three Magi were a popular symbol for occult inclinations in England – there are astrological gemstones adorned with them, for example. Thank you for the tip – it is an interest of mine.

  2. I ordered A Compendium of Unnatural Black Magic and pre-ordered the Sea Spirit book. Enodia promptly shipped the first with a tracking number. It has been over two weeks and nothing has shown up on tracking anywhere. They cautioned that it would take 30 days, which seems excessive, but I will wait it out. How long did it take for your books to arrive? Are they reliable? Thanks.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I’ve ordered three books from Enodia, and each one has taken a while but arrived on time and in good shape. The tracking numbers provided by the Mexican post office are… aspirational, shall we say. The one for my first order claimed that it had not departed the local post office outside Mexico City up until the time that the book showed up in upstate New York.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask Enodia. I’ve been happy with their responsiveness and their product.

  3. Thank you so much for your response. I actually purchased this book based, in a large part, on your review of it. You are one of the people I trust in the subject. I am presently working on a Lovecraftian grimoire. and your Encyclopedia Cthulhiana is one of the things I refer to over and over. I love your work. Thanks again for your quick and very helpful answer.

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