Your Blogger Gets with the Ways of the Youth – Japanese Grimoires and Powwowing

That’s right, everyone! I’m going to demonstrate what a hep cat I am, posting images like the kids are doing on their Instachat! And it’s not just because AncientHistory sent me some fun books that are all in Japanese:


Japanese grimoires aplenty!


The Key of Solomon

Key of Solomon Seal of Mercury

Ryukyodo 2007

The first of two books with pictures of Goetic spirits

II Spirits of Solomon


The demon Sabnock, who can inflict gangrene on you if you’re not careful.

If any readers have more insight into these books, please post in the comments.

I’ve also got some shots of Patrick Donmoyer’s new book Powwowing in Pennsylvania: Braucherei and the Ritual of Everyday Life. You can order copies directly from the Cultural Heritage Center through this form, or from Masthof Press in hardcover and softcover.

Powwowing in Pennsylvania Cover

This is the hardcover edition, sent to me by Patrick.


Some of the beautiful pictures inside the book, depicting folk magic procedures.

Three Cross Knife and powwowing cane

You heard about the black-handled knife? Wait until you find out about the Three Cross Knife. Also, we can see some powwowing canes.

Three Kings Blessing

One of the stunning publications preserved in the Heilman Collection.

That’s all for now. I’ll see about reviewing the Hunter Clavis next week!

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  1. Japanese version of L. W. de Laurence , Black Books

  2. About half of your images come up blank (repeatedly) on my computer.

    Thank you for the heads-up about Patrick Donmoyer’s new book. I ordered it as soon as I saw your post. His two earlier exhibition catalogues were very impressive.

    • Thanks very much for the response. I’ve resized the pictures – apparently this theme doesn’t do well with wide pictures.

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