Forthcoming from Three Hands Press

Three Hands Press has had a few hiccups with recent releases that they’re working through. Their most recent update included the following two releases, currently undated:

The Wisdom of the Ages and the Secrets of the Sages: A Medieval Arabic Grimoire, translated by Darius Klein. Perhaps one of the most disturbing volumes of medieval Islamic sorcery, Three Hands Press is pleased to announce the first English translation of this (in)famous work. At 350 pages, a great many magical operations are featured, spanning spirit-conjuration, djinn evocation, poisons and alchemical experiments. The book will be of interest to scholars of ceremonial magic, alchemy, herbalism, and the Islamic Golden Age, as well as those attenuated to the currents of antinomian sorcery.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. A groundbreaking new English translation of this essential sourcebook on Western Occultism by author Eric Purdue will be announced this Spring. In addition to Eric’s meticulous scholarship on the new translation, the book will be a tour de force of design, offered in a number of different editions, from the affordable to the opulent.

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  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the announcement. I cannot find this on Three Hands’ site when I click the link, and cannot find Wisdom of the Ages anywhere on their site. Could you share their announcement in full here perhaps?

    Also, as one of the early pre-orders for The Green Mysteries and Witch-Ikon who’ve been waiting for literally years now, have you heard anything new since their December announcement for publication in January (now also past)?

    Many Thanks!

    • They haven’t been posted there, to my knowledge.

      Here’s what the latest email said on the topic:

      “For those who missed the December 15 update on our website, production on two of our largest pre-order book projects, THE GREEN MYSTERIES and WITCH-IKON are soon to emerge after having been in a holding pattern for some time. With the closure of Edwards Brothers Malloy, one of America’s oldest and most venerable offset printers, the number of lithographic printers has further shrunk, causing crowded press schedules and increased delay times at our own print house. As exact dates become available for each of these sizable projects we will make further postings on our website, Instagram, and in our e-mail newsletter.

      “Currently, the books are on press in late January-early February for immediate shipping on release. As these order fulfilments will be very large, we will be taking on extra help, and mailing the books in the sequence the orders were placed. Please note that standard editions will ship well before the deluxe and special editions, which require extra time in the hand-bindery.

      “We thank our customers for their patience during this delay, and ask their continued support and we enter the final phase of production. As an additional thank-you to all who pre-ordered directly from Three Hands Press, one gratis copy of the small chapbook Woodwose Homilies by Daniel A. Schulke will be sent to each delivery address along with the copy of The Green Mysteries. Please note that this will be limited to one copy per address.

      With the release of each of these titles, book launch events are planned at several locations. Because our first priority will be to send customer pre-orders made directly from our website, the launch events will occur after we have shipped pre-orders. As shipment time approaches, we will make announcements well in advance of these events so those who wish to attend may plan accordingly. Please check the UPDATES page of our website, which will carry news with increasing frequency as these titles approach their release dates.”

  2. Thanks Dan. Your keeping us in the loop is much appreciated!

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