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My best wishes to all the students, faculty, and university workers who are trying to make the best of all sorts of difficult situations.

I am halfway through the modernization and footnotes on the Book of Four Wizards. The material I’ve found ranges from a ritual right out of the Hygromanteia to a satirical work aimed at discrediting Catholic priests.

Also, if any readers are proficient with the sort of illustration of magical seals and diagrams that appear within my last two works and want to work on something of the sort, please get in touch.

Editions du Monolithe posted a link to a manuscript with magical material, Universit√§tsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 212. Also, here’s an Italian Clavicula at the University of Pennsylvania. You might also check out Frater Acher’s site, where he’s put up translations of some manuscripts from the Leipzig magical archive.

If you happen to be in a country where taking basic precautions against communicable disease isn’t a political argument that leads to everyone visiting the UK undergoing two weeks of quarantine, you might take in the British Library’s exhibition of Hebrew books, including a manual of magic.

Brian Johnson posted a link to this talk at the Brooklyn Book Fair by several curators of library collections that involve magic or the occult, which I have yet to watch.

My next review will be Newcomb’s A Modern User’s Guide to the Black Pullet, although that might wait until next month to be finished.

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