Books Near my Desk, Grimoire Scholarship Online, Medici Magic Forthcoming, The Book of Four Wizards

Books in Reach of My Computer Today

I thought it might be amusing to periodically post illustrations of the books within reach of my computer, so here’s the first. Questions welcome.

Joe Peterson has posted a new full-color manuscript facsimile, Vad. Slg. MS. 334 from the collection of the Kantonsbibliothek St. Gallen, on his website. Mihai Vârtejaru has made two posts giving an overview of the work and an analysis of the angelic sigils within.

Brian Johnson just posted the cover of his next Hadean release on social media. I’ve blurbed it and enjoyed it considerably.

Cover of Brian Johnson’s Necromancy in the Medici Library

If you didn’t catch my talk at the Rural Gothic: Samhain Surprise conference, you can purchase a recording at the Folklore Shop, along with many other great offerings from The Folklore Podcast.

I’m currently working through a lengthy Latin confession in the Book of Four Wizards, once again including numerous errors. Fortunately I found two different versions of the text, one dating back to the eleventh century, so I’ve been able to sort through most of it. Other than that, my re-reading and footnoting of the text has reached 70% of the total text.

I seem to have roped myself into running another Dungeon Crawl Classics game, this one on a monthly basis. The weekly game continues, with the group stranded on a mysterious purple planet where they travel inside the belly of an illusionary sandworm. My Pendragon group finally slew their nemesis, Black Annis, but must prepare for an imminent Saxon invasion.

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