Trying Something New

Based on what I said last time, I’m going to try out something new. Check out my posts at Medium – one test you can ignore, one discussion of why I chose that forum, and one on the pizza of invisibility.

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  1. Whatever works for you best is fine with me.

  2. Good luck, but now you are on your own. No more blogrolls.

  3. Congratulations Dan!@ I like the new format. It’s quite refreshing. Will this be your new main writing station?

    • I think Medium is working out well so far – not losing posts for no reason any more. I’m keeping this open, as it’s a great resource for people, including me – I occasionally check back here to run searches and the like.

      • Congrats! Hope all is well.

  4. Tried to respond to your comments in Skinner’s appraisal of Joseph Peterson’s Elucidarium… I have my own opinion of Peterson which I am working up. I have little respect for Skinner’s scholarship, most what he has done is terrible. He is often faithless to his source(s), cannot distinguish between opinion and hypothesis, I have commented several time with Amazon reviews. The most use I have gotten from his efforts is to be able to verify obscure portions of the microfilms I have of the same material. He did a terrible job on the so-called Goetia of Dr Rudd proposing a preposterous opinion that Dr Rudd was Thomas Rudd, the Jacobean engineer, he rearranges material to suit what seems to me presupposed conclusions. It seems at time he has not read his sources. I has been for every page he writes I have three pages of critical analysis,believe me it is tiresome. As I mentioned at the start I tried to find a comments button, but could not. So I cannot be sure this missive will reach you.

    Yours truly,

    Nemo Otius

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