Abramelin Contents: Dehn versus Hammer

UPDATE (9/3/2015): This refers to the first edition of the text.  The revised edition has included all of the charms from the German.

Material shared in common between these two versions is italicized.  Please pardon my poor German.

Chapter 1

1. Against all kinds of diseases, as serious epidemics, which afflict the whole country.

2. Against the cancer and other open damage

3. Against all kinds of diseases

4. Against the plague.

5 Against watery eyes.

6. For alleviation of all kinds of diseases

7. Against all bad coincidences

8. Against the bad smallpox and manges

9. Against sudden death (the impact)

10. Against the plague

11. A general benediction against all kinds of diseases and cases

12. If one can die nor recuperate neither.

13. Against all heavy confinement in bed and diseases.

14. Against the swindle, faints and falling

15. Against violent headache

16. Fever

17. Stings

18. Beating of the heart

19. Backache

20. Jaundice

21. Plague

22. Against dangerous damage to secret places

23. Against plague and side stinging

24. Against the leprosy

25. Against all kinds of dangerous diseases

26. Against heartache and melancholy

27. Against the bite of poisonous animals

28. Fresh wounds to heal

29. Against all kinds of epidemic diseases

30. All kinds of open damage and wounds rapidly to heal

31. From heavy faint or from death to arouse

32. Against the stomachache

33. For dumb ears and eyes.

Chapter 2

1. That a camp at any time before the enemy remains safe.

2. That the enemy does not break and exceeds the walls.

3. That the weapon of the enemy breaks.

4. That the enemy soldiers to escape are provoked.

5. That your friend defeats his enemy.

6. To the enmity

7. The enemy to overcome

8. The enemy to drive out

9. If you are surrounded by many enemies

10. To defeat your enemy in the battle.

11. Against enmity

12. In the battle to triumph

13. Your enemies fall into misfortune (?)

14. That your enemy does not defeat you

15. If a city is difficult to conquer

16. To exceed and throw in walls.

17 His enemy misfortuneful to make

18. A safe means against all dangerousnesses in the war

19. The enemy to defeat

20. Against the enemies.

21. To attack and defeat with few people a large number.

22. To defeat finely in controversies.

23. That your enemy’s plans all fail

24. To storming.

25. To refresh the weak people in the war.

26. Against enmity.

27. To let appear a large fire between you and your enemies.

28. That your enemy does not defeat you.

29. To make your enemy disheartened.

30. To defeat the enemy in the battle.

31. If one at night wants a camp attacked.

32. That soldiers on the march are not attacked.

33. In the fight not to be wounded.

34. That the enemy ships cannot remain in the port not to remain can.

35. That citizens and people remain stout-hearted in the siege.

36. That the enemy can do nothing to you

37. That the enemy cannot harm one.

38. To probably receive a besieged city.

39. That the city before the enemy remains safe.

40. To make misfortuneful a besieged city.

Chapter 3

1. To make shatterproof friendship between two persons.

2. That the man and his woman hold each other.

3. To make infinite friendship between man and woman.

4. To the marrage.

5. For fertility.

6. Another.

7. That the man holds his woman dear.

8. That the woman holds the man dear.

9. That from wedding married people become faithful.

10. That married people become fruitful and have children

11. Against infertility.

12. To examine the loyalty of a married woman.

13. The chastity of the marriage woman to experience and their unfaithfulness to punish.

14. To make fruitful the infertility of married people.

15. Another.

16. To confirm peace between two enemies.

17. To stimulate the love. For a woman.

18. To receive friendship between two friends.

19. To the friendship and graciousness.

20. To the same.

Chapter 4

1. For easy birth.

2. To the birth.

3. Another.

4. To the easy birth.

5. Another.

6. With dangerous birth.

7. Another.

8. To light delivering and struggling birth.

9. To the struggling birth.

10. To struggle the birth.

11. In dangerous birth.

12. To struggle birth.

Chapter 5

1. Against all tempests, ghosts and features caused by bad people.

2. Against large storms on the sea.

3. To drive out bad spirit or ghosts from a house.

4. Against tempests on the sea.

5. Against inundations.

6. Against long tempest and rain.

7. That bad people and magic cannot harm your house.

8. Against ghosts.

9. Against water emergency.

10. Against storms on the sea.

11. Against danger in water and fire emergencies.

12. Against earthquake, those by bad people arranged.

13. Against fear and fright of spirit.

14. That a ship has safe travel.

15. Against all ghosts, devil and glares.

16. Another.

17. That a long drought does not harm your fields.

19. Against hail and tempest.

20. Against inundations and impetuous of the sea.

21. Against hail and thunder weather, of bad people.

22. Against frights by spirit.

23. Against bewitching.

24. To extinguish fires of bad people and spirit.

25. Against conflagration.

Chapter 6

1. To burst stones and rock in emergencies.

2. To divide mountain and rock, if you are hunted by the enemy and not further come can.

3. That you on the escape will not be stopped by the mountain.

4. To blast open city gates lightly.

5. To the escape in the mountains.

6. To blast open wooden doors in need.

7. If one by enemies into walls is driven.

8. Another.

9. Rock to split mountains and stone cliffs in the emergency.

10. If you between closed iron doors and your enemy are kept imprisoned.

Chapter 7

1. That a house is safe and protected from misfortune.

2. That a house before earthquakes, clap of thunder and similar accidents is safe, and, although vault and walls are fissured, does not collapse.

3. That houses for a long time hold and do not enter.

4. Another.

Chapter 8

1. Before court and important potentates to negotiate

2. Favour and grace with great gentlemen to attain.

3. To go before great gentlemen and potentates and receive grace.

4. To desire from a high person a grace.

5. About favour to attain with many.

6. To go before court.

7. Another one before court.

8. Another.

9. To attain high desires from a person.

10. Before court and against wrong accusation.

11. To go before court.

12. Another.

Chapter 9

A splendid art for poor people in hunger and price increase times.

Chapter 10

1. To disappear its enemy from the eyes.

2. To become invisible on the escape before its enemy.

3. If you are hunted by your enemies.

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  1. I want to read all the chapters

  2. Pls, i want to know if ther is any authorize seller of this book and the sixth and seveth book of moses here in Nigeria where one can buy them.
    Or how can i buy it direct from you?
    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. I need ds book, how can I get it here in Nigeria.

  4. Am in cameroon pls help me get access to this holy book of moses

  5. Am in cameroon pls help me get access to this holy book of moses pls i need it

  6. How can i get this book holy one

    • Amazon is your best bet I have owned this wonderful book for years and I am glad I do.. many blessing to you.

  7. gostaria de saber o nome desse livro,porque li os comentarios e eles falam dos livros de moises,e na parte de cima diz q é de abramelin.gostaria de saber o verdadeiro nome do livro

  8. i will be greatfull to God

  9. […] the book’s most famous edition.)  Although I haven’t checked it point-by-point against my original list, I feel confident in saying that a vast amount of the material that was not included is now here.  […]

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