Fury of Yig Playtest, Part 3

The latest Fury playtest was on Monday, and our intrepid heroes spent much of their time in Philadelphia.  It’s become clear that some sections need to be tightened up.  Originally I liked the idea of giving the investigators that moment of panic where they need to find REDACTED in a city of 1.3 million people, but the links need to be more clear between them.  Fortunately, I know just where to put those links now.

An element I’ve tried to build into the campaign are villains who respond proactively to investigator plans.  One of the characters, in the previous session, made the mistake of calling up one of the cultists to give a message from another cultist, who had died.  The leader took the cell number, ran an illegal (as if he cares) phone company inquiry to get the name on the account, called up his place of work, found out he was in Philadelphia, and set up an ambush for him.  It’s not the sort of thing you can really write in, but I might include some hints in the playtest notes.

We’ll conclude this section in a few weeks, and then we’ll start on a research interlude that is much needed.

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