Dead Names, Dead Dog: A Guide to the Dark History of the Necronomicon

Herein witness the numerous errors, misrepresentations, glosses, and other problematic contents of “Simon’s” Dead Names: The Dark History of the Necronomicon.

This page will be updated irregularly, so go to the main blog for the latest material. I’ve tried to set it up with key words, so running your browser’s search function for a keyword should yield results.

An introduction, for those who might need one: Part One and Part Two.

Are we biased? How about “Simon”? Read more here.

Some thoughts on “Simon’s” account of the Necronomicon’s discovery.

Why does “Simon” not know the formula for summoning the Watcher? And why does he blame hordes of imaginary people for giving him a hard time about it? We don’t know, but you can read more about it here.

Why doesn’t “Simon” mention that, while he was working on his Necronomicon, Herman Slater was selling a fake one at the Warlock Shop? Find out more here.

“Simon’s” claims to have read masses of scholarly literature that he quotes nowhere, and turns scholarly consensus into controversy with a few choice phrases. Find out how here and here.

“Simon” gets caught selling new material as old and blames his readers for being tricked. Read more here.
“Simon” seeks Sumerian survivals, and comes up short here.

The Toda people – not Sumerian or even remotely as “Simon” describes them. Part 1, Part 2.

What is the culture “Simon” forgot to include in his book, even though he mentioned it in the Necronomicon? Find out about the Mandaeans here.

Is “Kutulu” actually Sumerian? Find out here.

“Simon” makes Enki the fall guy for his own poor grasp of cosmology. That, and more on the Absu/Apzu, here.

Some random thoughts on mental flexibility, here.

How do we know the Miskatonic isn’t a reference to “chthonic”? Find out here.
“Simon’s” reason for using a pseudonym in Dead Names makes no sense. More here.

Is Cthulhu mentioned in the Hebrew Key of Solomon, or Mafteah Shelomoh? Part 1, Part 2.

Is Cthulhu in the Koran? The source is revealed! Part 1, Part 2.

Did the Golden Dawn own the Necronomicon? What of the Veils of Negative Existence? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
Can Aiwass be compared to the mindless chaos Azathoth or Azag-Thoth? Part 1, Part 2.

Are the Gates of the Necronomicon as “Simon” presents them historically accurate? Are they even in the right order? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Is the Necronomicon really dangerous? What about the crimes of Roderick Ferrell and Glen Mason? And if it’s not, why does “Simon” keep saying it is? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

How about Roman Polanski, Johnny Depp, and the true origins of the Ninth Gate? See the FAQ.

Who’s L. Austine Waddell? Who’s James Madole? Why does the Necronomicon talk about the Aryan race? Why does “Simon” pretend like he doesn’t know anything about it? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

What about Huwawa, or Humwawa, or Humbaba in the Necronomicon? Just to be different, we have Part 0, Part .5, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

If “Simon” wants to be known as a magical authority, what are his credentials? Does he himself practice magic? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

A discussion of the Necronomicon Spellbook, and the changing story of its appearance. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Some thoughts on the Necronomicon as a “cheap” book. Part 1, Part 2.

Summing it all up, Part 1 and Part 2.

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  1. […] I still haven’t mastered all the features of this blog, but I wanted to report I’ve compiled a page that links to most of the “Dead Names, Dead Dog” post here.  Maybe someday I’ll find a way to put it in that right-hand column under “Pages.”  (If someone knows, don’t keep it to yourself.) […]

  2. […] Those numbers on my hit counter mean one of two things:  I’ve either got someone refreshing the page dozens of times, or Halloween is close.  If you’re looking for Necronomicon info, check the tags on the right, use the search box, or go straight for the Dead Names critique here. […]

  3. […] If Dead Names has proven anything, it’s that a book can be wrong in many amusing ways. Another way we haven’t covered is when a book, despite the author’s best efforts, simply doesn’t take into account information that appeared afterward. The following is a case in point. […]

  4. […] Still, I’ve managed to do some light maintenance on the blog, such as updating the Dead Names page, and I’ve got a quick post I can […]

  5. […] Papers Falling from an Attic Window Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Dead Names, Dead Dog: The Story So Far, Part […]

  6. Mr. Harms,

    Have you read the following page?

    Could you give us your thoughts on these claims about the Necronomicon?

    • This proves that the Necronomicon is a document of great power that foretells the future. Not only does the 1586 edition mention H. P. Lovecraft, it also mirrors much of the text invented about the Necronomicon for the Call of Cthulhu game, and even refers to two texts invented by August Derleth. Quite impressive!

  7. […] “Dead Names, Dead Dog: A Guide to the Dark History of the Necronomicon”. Papers Falling from an Attic Window. September 11, 2006. Retrieved 26 November […]

  8. how can i get this book.

  9. ilik moork……….thanks.

  10. Who was the idiot who wrote this? First, the Simon Necronomicon is based on ceremonial magic, and an example would be “Azagthoth” which translates as “The Magician Thoth” and we know that is the Egyptian God Thoth of Chaos, black magic and wisdom, and Amonra (Marduk) overcome Thoth
    What you do not know Egyptian and Sumerian mythology? idiot is the person who made this blog, eg “Cthulhu” “Lord of Hell” refers to God Absu and grammatically “Cthulhu or LuKutha” is correct.
    What do you care if we believe in the Sumerian Tradition?
    and I think based on when wikipedia wise, being a website without sources? do not be stupid and when attacks on a blog, be sure to have proof …
    and if you do not believe in the Necronomicon, do not bother to throw a curse on you

    Stupid and hopefully cancel page!
    fuck with the followers of this page. l.

  11. A question for the Idiot of this page:
    Why do you care so much to pass the Books of Simon as false? Probably just for fame and for be accepted in society, now:
    Do you have evidence that the Simon Necronomicon is false?
    this book is one of the most sold worldwide and has many readers it has worked the spells of the Book.
    the question is:
    What is your purpose? if you do not believe in this Book, respect others and let them believe in what they want.
    Czech the book “Maklu” and compare it to the book “Maqlu” of the Sumerians and is the same.
    compares the book “From Zonei and their attributes” with emerald tables are the same.
    if everything is the same Why do you say that is fiction?
    Now, Marduk has 50 names and shows on tablet 7 “Enuma Elish” which shows the 50 names as a himn to Marduk, then Why do you say it’s fiction?
    because you say it is fiction if everything matches?
    I am a librarian and I show you is real evidence and no with Internet sites.
    you are a stupid and your blog

    Atte: “Ex Sacerdos Marduk”

    Fuck you idiot

  12. Dear Readers:
    I invite you to visit
    since in this blog have evidence of Sumerian tradition and not based Internet as the idiot of this page.

    To all invited to stop by the page “Warlock assylum” as their website is incredible and they have evidence that the Necronomicon is real.

    those doubt that what simon Necronomicon is real, here I present a curse with dedication to you:
    Deus malus;
    foeda Dyabolum,
    mali spiritus;
    Omne malum venite
    ubi nec tempus pacis
    Diabolus pedibus vestris detrahant
    ut exsecratio

    “panipen gresité lerele lucue drupo, camble ostebé sos te diqueles on as baes dor buchil y arjulipé sata as julistrabas, sos te merelees de bocata, sos ler galafres te jallipeen, sos panipenes currucós te mustiñen ler sacais; sos cresorne te dichabe yesqui zarapia tamboruna per bute chiró, sos unga quesarelas romandiñao tucue rumi te sugerete ler nogués, sos manques sacaitos te diquelen ulandao de la filimicha, y sos menda quejesa or sos te buchare de ler pinrés y sos ler bengorros te liqueren on drupo y orchi balogando á or casinobé.”

    idiots .i.

    • A few quick things:

      1. Dan Harms doesn’t care what people believe and he has said so on several occasions. His problem is with Simon and the claims made about the history of the Necronomicon.

      2. Checking out Warlock Asylum’s blog would indeed be a good thing. He and Dan have been discussing these things for a long time.

      3. Dan has been cursed several times before.

  13. Normally I do not read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do it!
    Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you,
    very great post.

  14. […] to pen the Necronomicon himself, it would be nearly impossible. Too many pages. Also, see here: Dead Names, Dead Dog: A Guide to the Dark History of the Necronomicon | Papers Falling from an Attic… __________________ "Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret […]

  15. […] intero tomo per tentare di smentire i critici. Ma qualcuno si è preso la briga di analizzare sia il testo sia tale smentita minuziosamente, dimostrando che la pezza è peggiore del buco. Insomma, il Necronomicon è un […]

  16. […] intero tomo per tentare di smentire i critici. Ma qualcuno si è preso la briga di analizzare sia il testo sia tale smentita minuziosamente, dimostrando che la pezza è peggiore del buco. Insomma, il Necronomicon è un […]

  17. Hi, its pleasant article concerning media print, we all
    be aware of media is a enormous source of information.

  18. […] You see, unfortunately for everyone, Simon is not just expanding the mythos of the Necronomicon in Dead Names, he is also trying to prove its authenticity. Approximately half of this book is taken up with Simon’s arguing that the Necronomicon is a legitimate ancient text. I could go into explaining his reasoning, but ughh, who fucking cares? (If you do care and you want to witness Simon getting pwned, I strongly suggest checking out the blog of Simon’s arch-nemesis.) […]

    • Although I have shared this article with many people, it seems to me like very few people can understand how important this really is. The fight is so large that no one company can be expected to tackle it without help. Great work, keep it up. The best insights spread fast.

  19. […] of a credible occult practice. Needless to say, many of Grant’s ideas were translated into the Simon Necronomicon (probably authored by a pop historian of the occult named Peter Levenda, although Levenda denies […]

  20. To Me Simon’s Necronomicon is so Obviously just wishful thinking it hardly bears discussion. Having said that. I ascribe to a Theory i first heard in Colin wilsons Necronomicon That a Magic of “barbarous words” Is enough to be effective. In the same way that Chaos Magicians get genuine results From Operations ” stripped of their Abrahamic content” . In my mind their still engaging the same powers just in a different wrapper. In Other words Sympathy for the devil wether in a MP4 container or a OggVorbis container doesn’t really bother the Rolling stones. So This Simon Took his dubious knowledge of Ceremonial magic and Babylonian Mythology and wrapped it as a Neo-Grimoire. looks more like a LLewelyn post-wiccan pulp spellbook.
    its all good. i will say I know of no magiacian claiming any level of attainment/revelation by its practice.

  21. […] Guide to the Dark History of the Necronomicon by Daniel Harms. From his excellent Blog Papers Falling from an Attic Window– Daniel loves old Magic Books and deserves your attention if you do as well. […]

  22. The Simon Necronomicon is fake but dangerous

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